IMPACT Lancaster - Trash Dragon

A mythical creature of litter intolerance.

Community Challenge

Litter is a growing problem in Lancaster City and beyond.

The annual cost to clean up litter and illegal dumps in Lancaster City is estimated at $2.1 million.

Litter impacts quality of life, health, and safety for residents.

We need to increase awareness, change attitudes and behavior, and engage the community in addressing and preventing this issue.

Community Solution

We envision raising awareness and engaging the community through a creative and mobile public art project that would bring visibility to littering and encourage responsible recycling and trash disposal.

We propose designing and creating mobile litter receptacles called the ‘Trash Dragon.’

These kinetic/functional sculptures would serve as a Litter-Busting community engagement tool to increase awareness and education related to littering, recycling, and trash disposal while at the same time collecting litter.

Community Involvement

The Trash Dragon is powered by volunteers and ready to take a bite out of litter in Lancaster. If you are interested in learning about upcoming volunteer opportunities or borrowing the Trash Dragon Trike Bike for a community clean-up you are organizing, please fill out the Email Sign-up form below:

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This project was funded by Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful's 25 in 25 Grant Program with partial support from the Richard King Mellon Foundation.